Thank you to all the lovely people who visited me at Potfest in Shaftsbury! As promised, I’ll be updating my shop over the next two weeks, but please email me in the meantime if you’re ready to buy one of the pieces you saw at the show

Coming up:

Vale Makers’ Fair, 28th September, Cowbridge
Potfest in the Pens, 18th to 20th October, Penrith

My name is Gill Banks and Chloris Ceramics is my pottery.  My love affair with crystalline glazing started at University. While looking for a glaze to describe ice, I came across the technique and never looked back.  The process is exacting and not entirely predictable.  No two pots will ever be the same and opening the kiln is like opening Christmas presents.  You never know quite what you’ll find. I am eternally fascinated by the range of colours and the variety of crystal types that can be developed


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